Our methodological approach consists of experiential activities that improve the quality of our lives by promoting a positive social and ecological impact.  Our programs fall under the four main areas of our mission:

Integral Health

We promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle through yoga, meditation, traditional ceremonies and practices, diverse therapies, and other natural healing modalities that have been used in the Andes and around the world for centuries.


We promote an interconnected way of living in harmony with the natural environment through the implementation of various ecological designs, including green building, permaculture, organic farming, clean and renewable energy, recycling, solid waste segregation, reforestation, responsible management of water, air, fire and soil, and other initiatives that protect life in all its forms.

Arts & Culture

We aim to revitalize all forms of knowledge—both ancestral and contemporary–that promote harmony and self-awareness through self-expression and creativity, including music, art, dance, photography, documentaries and more.


We strive to live through decentralized, local, eco-friendly practices which enable us to be self-sustainable in the areas of energy, food, and economy. We intend to involve the local people of Pillawara (the community in which we are located) in the activities, programs, and projects that fall under each of these four areas.
There will be a space for the exchange of wisdom, ancestral techniques, and modern innovations, as well as training in environmental responsibility, health, and hygiene.