We are excited to offer Volunteer Service Learning Retreats which will last 10 days each, and are planned to begin a few weeks after construction of our Center commences.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn about permaculture, green building, landscaping, how to build adobe bricks and buildings as well as composting toilets.  At the same time, they will enjoy the rewarding experience of contributing to the creation of Tierra Nuna Ayni.

Retreats will consist of a day of orientation and an Opening Ceremony, eight days of service and one day of rest halfway through the retreat. Participants will stay at Tierra Nuna Ayni. The retreats include food, an Andean Cosmovision workshop and a healing circle with sounds to conclude the experience on the land.

The total cost for our volunteer service learning programs will be $500.  Participants are responsible for their travel arrangements and costs to Cusco, from where they will be received and transported to Tierra Nuna Ayni where we are based, 45 minutes away.

We recommend arriving at least 2 days early to acclimatize to the altitude (roughly 3000 meters above sea level).

We will be publishing the dates of our volunteer programs soon. Please stay tune to our Facebbok and Instagram page!


Detox and Disconnect

4 Days / 7 Days – 2023
A time to rest, relax and detox your system through juices, good food, massages and nice care.

Moon Woman Earth Woman retreat

4 days – 2023
Based on the book Moon Woman Earth Woman, the writer, Luz Maria Ampuero leads this 4 day magical retreat for women to help them open up to their own femenine universe using different techniques, rituals and ceremonies.