A Sustainable Solution for the Future

Tierra Nuna is the manifestation of a dream and prayer that began in Lima in 2006, when we opened our first center in Lima, Peru. We quickly understood that instead of changing the world, we wanted to build a new one. Integrating HEALTH, ART, ECOLOGY and SUSTAINABILITY, with a vision that unites the ancestral with the modern, spirit with matter, and the vision for a holistic and not separate way, we moved to Cusco in 2007 looking for an Earth that can help us share our vision, through this Multidisciplinary center that integrates these 4 areas.We believe that in this way our quality of life improves, generating a new consciousness to live in more harmony and love with ourselves and all that surrounds us.

It was in February of 2012, after a series of divine instructions through dreams and messages that came in very magical ways, this incredible piece of land appeared and Nuna Ayni was able to acquired. A plot of 1.13 hectares in the Community of Pillahuara, in the district of San Salvador 15 minutes from Pisac, in the Sacred Valley of Cusco – Peru.

It is here that our center Tierra Nuna Ayni has been built. The land is located in the high part of a mountain known as Apu Kuntur Senqa (Nose of the Condor) and has a variety of platforms, from where the Willka Mayu River can be seen. It is in front of the Apu Pachatusan, which is one of the longest and most important mountains of the Valley, also known as the Healer Mountain, or the One that Holds all the Paths.

This land is ideal for our project in every way. It is close enough to Pisac and Cusco which makes it possible for a variety of services to be available to our visitors and residents. At the same time, it is far enough away to have a quiet experience in connection with oneself and nature.

It also has adequate space for the infrastructure that we are building little by little. It is close to a spring of water, has diversity of trees, herbs, plants and animals (many of them are rare to find in the area) and contains excellent, mineral-rich soil for farming. Our land also boasts several ancient Incan structures, tombs and terraces that make it an auspicious location and a true heritage that we feel responsible for taking care of. We have also had several visitations by deer which is a clear sign that there is no contamination in the soil.  The deer is the very first animal to leave an area that has been polluted by chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and other toxins, and their presence clearly exemplifies the purity of our land.

The layout of our center is in the form of the Chacana (or Andean Cross), the sacred symbol of our ancestors. We have an area honoring the ​​fire, the water, the earth and the air and everything has been planned according to the principles of permacultural design, our center consists of several structures for workshops, healing therapies, ceremonies and other activities, a residential area capable of housing up to twenty people total, as well as specific areas designated for working with each of the elements (fire, air, water, earth).

Tierra Nuna Ayni has the possibility to offer the following programs and activities:

  • Various retreats of Ceremonies with Medicinal Plants, yoga, among others
  • Permaculture, agriculture and green-building workshops
  • Development of an Integral Health and Traditional Medicine Center
  • Stations for research and rescue native flora and fauna species
  • Earthkeepers program for teenagers and college-level students
  • Solid waste and recycling programs for local communities as well as the regional government
  • Native plant reforestation
  • Alliance with Universities for studies and practices in archeology, anthropology, environment, among others
  • Residence for artists
  • Clean-up initiative for the Sacred Willka Mayu River.
  • Volunteer certification in the various topics in which we will be hosting workshops and activities
  • Sacred tourism
  • Artistic and cultural events
  • Healing therapies and techniques
  • Available to be rent for retreats, workshops and/or activities related to any of the four areas of our mission

A place to experience:


  • Reconnection: gene of wisdom.
  • Reprogramming with conscious habits.
  • Sense Level: planting values
  • Mental level: dissolving patterns, leaving the mind chaos.


  • Resonance center and architecture.
  • Designing the present: updating and integrating the past and the future
  • Spaces, architecture: clear impact on human development and behavior.
  • For more information, please contact danielwmp78@gmail.com


Detox and Disconnect

4 Days / 7 Days – 2023
A time to rest, relax and detox your system through juices, good food, massages and nice care.

Moon Woman Earth Woman retreat

4 days – 2023
Based on the book Moon Woman Earth Woman, the writer, Luz Maria Ampuero leads this 4 day magical retreat for women to help them open up to their own femenine universe using different techniques, rituals and ceremonies.