Sacred Sound Healing Ceremonies

Native tradition holds that there are sounds and songs that are printed in our memory–ancestral songs and sounds that serve to reconnect us with the true essence of who we are as well as everything around us.  In these Sound Healing Ceremonies, we call upon the spirit of our ancestors through ancient instruments and various shamanic chants and songs.  As the spirit of the sounds comes through, balance is restored to our mental, physical and emotional bodies, our self-awareness opens and expands, and we experience peace of mind and heart.  This ceremony is a place/time to gather with a collective prayer for ourselves, all our relations and Mother Earth.

Duration: 1 ½ – 2 hours

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Traditional Despachos (Earth-Offering Ceremonies)

The ceremony of Despacho or “Offering to Mother Earth” is a traditional ceremony of thanksgiving and prayer.  There are many ways and approaches to performing this ceremony.  The Q’ero Nation is one of the oldest communities in the Andes that maintain knowledge of it.  Working with Q’ero elders, we share one of the most traditional forms of this ceremony.  We strive to make it as close as possible to the way it was performed by our ancestors.

Duration: 2 1/2 – 3 hours

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The Eagle and Condor Dance

Europe 2020
The dance is based and inspired on a prophecy that emerged in the Qero Nation of the Andes of Peru, called the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.

Sacred Medicine Plant Retreat

April 22nd – May 6th 2021
This program has been designed with the purpose of healing using ancestral medicine plants.

Plant Medicine Retreat Solstice

June 8th – June 22nd 2021
The celebration of the winter solstice, which is celebrated between June 21 and 22, is one of the most important Andean celebrations we have in Peru.

Moon Woman Earth Woman retreat

July 2021 (4 days / dates to be confirmed)
Based on the book Moon Woman Earth Woman, the writer, Luz Maria Ampuero leads this 4 day magical retreat for women to help them open up to their own femenine universe using different techniques, rituals and ceremonies.

Plant Medicine Retreats

Other dates for 12 and 15 day retreats with the sacred use of medicine plants will be lead in the year by Javier Regueiro (12 days) and by Luz Maria (15 days)