Countryside Accommodation  “Tierra Nuna Ayni”

Nuna Ayni welcomes you to Tierra Nuna Ayni. Our accomodation has been designed  to host people participating in our activities and retreats. Also welcomes anyone seeking for a time of rest and connection with nature.

Tierra Nuna Ayni is situated in Pillahuara, San Salvador, 15 minutes away from Pisac, in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, on the route towards San Salvador, 1 hour walk from the centre of the town of Pisac. We are at a refugee of live as we are in a virgin area where mostly plants, insects and wild animals inhabit. We had build everything here respecting as much as possible its form and nature, and doing our best to impact it the less we can. We can still find here species of plants and animals that are very rare in the area and we are literally in the middle of the mountain.  We are in front of the Sacred Mountain called Apu Pachatusan, also known as the Healer Mountain or The One that Holds All the Paths.


We have rooms that has capacity for 4 people each one, and one tent / yurt with 2 beds. They are basic and design to be in the simplicity needed for an internal healing process. 

Green Areas

We have beautiful gardens and areas to meditate, rest and hang out, and areas to practice yoga or any other exercise practice. Also beautiful hikes are possible, including the visit to some inca ruins we have at the top of our center.

Landscape & Nature

Mountains, nature and beautiful landscapes surround it and it is ideal for persons who are looking for a place to retire and rest, to connect with themselves and experiment a different alternative way of life.


1 Single Bed




2  Single beds




3 Single beds




4  Single beds








  • *Prices in American Dollars
  • * Payment in cash. We do not accept credit cards
  • * Special price for long term residential
  • * Lunch and dinner are also available in our place for USD 25 dollars extra each.

    Our prices includes breakfast, cleaning service, green and shared areas including organic vegetable garden and beautiful ceremony temples.

    If you will like to rent our space is available for any kind of retreat that doesn’t include plant medicine work. Other retreats are possible prior evaluation. Our prices for RETREATS are $40 USD per person per night as it requires a different logistic for us. It includes breakfast and the use of all our temples. Lunch and Dinner are also possible for an extra cost. The price of this will depend in the type of food you will like for your group.

    Here we offer different activities, retreats and  individual sessions such as massages, reiki, in between others. For more information of what we offer you can go to our link of PROGRAMS.

    * For more information please write us through our link of CONTACT.


Detox and Disconnect

4 Days / 7 Days – 2023
A time to rest, relax and detox your system through juices, good food, massages and nice care.

Moon Woman Earth Woman retreat

4 days – 2023
Based on the book Moon Woman Earth Woman, the writer, Luz Maria Ampuero leads this 4 day magical retreat for women to help them open up to their own femenine universe using different techniques, rituals and ceremonies.