Reconnecting Our Selves with Spirit

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The mission of Nuna Ayni is to stablish opportunities to create more conscious human beings.


Tierra Nuna Ayni, our experiential learning & healing center, will serve as a replicable model of a self-sustainable community integrating the following four areas: Integral Health, Ecology, Arts, Sustainability.

Tierra Nuna Ayni, will be a CENTER OF RESONANCE that will offer an experience of re-connection to cultivate new human consciousness by promoting healthier relations beginning with ourselves. Each individual becomes a center of resonance.

Through this approach we offer individuals a transformative experience, beginning at the personal level and evolving into a collective awareness.

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Last year a good friend took me to Nuna Ayni in Peru, for a healing ceremony and to be blessed by the healing. I was stage 4, liver cancer and had already went through a chemo treatment. Nuna Ayni filled my heart with love and gave my mind a positive outlook.They showed me how to eat better and herb tea to drink that would help my liver.

They filled me with love. I had a MRI after I got back to the State and my Cancer was not growing, I give thanks every day and now it has been one year later and still no signs of it growing. I feel blessed everyday and the LOVE for Nuna Ayni has made my heart smile and my mind so very thankful! I am so Excited to be able to rejoin with them again for a healing ceremony and to feel the love & energy that they share. Sending lots of love to Nuna Ayni forever!!

Debbie Moore (Twotales). U.S.

My experience is still continuing. It is constantly being reflected upon in many expected and unexpected ways.  One of the ways that has seemed to surprisingly alter my viewpoint is the connectedness that the Peruvian people have with the Earth and all it encompasses; reminding me of the stories that we are told in relation to the Native Americans.  

Unfortunately, in the United States they have been oppressed by ways of relocation, reservations, and near genocide.  I humbly respect the simplicity of their life philosophy and often contemplate how we (Americans) found a way to complicate ours while looking for solace in the escape of nature.  We have much enjoyable learning to do. I look forward to a life dedicated to it. Love you guys!

Clifton Beary. U.S.

I see you both as emissaries of beauty.  And as teachers of the radical, profound relationship that we humans have always had with nature – even when we live enclosed within our little boxes, in a world of manufactured rectangles and squares.  

Sitting inside one such manufactured rectangle, gazing at my bright, synthetic computer screen, I pause… and I light more palo santo… and close my eyes and dissolve into the perfection of your sacred music… and I feel with gratitude and humility the radical relationship with all things that has been nourished by our ceremony.With all my love,

Shalom Ormsby. U.S.

I am beyond words in my gratitude for your gifts. Thank you for being the immense, pure clear channels that you are. I will just say that my life has changed.  I feel clear, light and open. Cleansed spiritually , emotionally and even physically I notice more energy running through me.

Your prayers will always be with me. Your work is the most vital work that can be done in the world, for the world. May you always be supported, nourished and fruitful in all your actions. May Creator bless every breath and every step and every sacred beat of your heart. May it all be in perfect harmony with the Nuna Ayni.

Sonja Drakulich. U.S.

I have so much to thank God and one of the things is to have the opportunity to have worked with my Nuna Ayni brothers and sister in many aspects. During my birthday I did a spiritual retreat! To me the five-day condor healing retreat was excellent. I felt the experience was incredible and the guides Luz Maria and Fred were excellent and very fair with their prices! The food was great. We had a special Andean diet that was just right for all the ceremonies we did. The Nuna Ayni team always surprising me with their kindness and knowledge, as good intended souls willing to help and transmit and heal in the ancestral Andean way with ceremonies to Pachamama and lots of love, sacred fire, tobacco and sounds that takes you beyond your mind. I also received a good healing massage that Luz Maria is very good at. For all of that and more, which I can’t express in words, I just feel: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Lots of light and love in your path and God bless the piece of land you owned and may it become the way you guys needed to be like in order to keep helping humanity and yourselves. Now is the time and I hope to come back to Pisac-Nuna Ayni soon and keep on my spiritual time as well. Blessings.

Mariem Valdez. Peru


Join us in creating the civilization we all desire—one that is vibrant, balanced, healthy, and in harmony with nature. 

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Detox and Disconnect

4 Days / 7 Days – 2023
A time to rest, relax and detox your system through juices, good food, massages and nice care.

Moon Woman Earth Woman retreat

4 days – 2023
Based on the book Moon Woman Earth Woman, the writer, Luz Maria Ampuero leads this 4 day magical retreat for women to help them open up to their own femenine universe using different techniques, rituals and ceremonies.