Tierra Nuna Ayni

A Sustainable Solution for the Future

We design Tierra Nuna Ayni, our experiential learning & healing center, as a replicable model of a self-sustainable community integrating : HEALTH, ARTS, ECOLOGY AND SUSTAINABILITY. We believe that if we integrate this 4 areas in anything we do, our quality of life improves.

A place to experience:

Reconnection: gene of wisdom
Reprogramming with conscious habits and manners
Sense Level: planting values
Mind level: dissolving patterns, leaving the mind chaos

Resonance center and architecture
Designing the Present: Updating and integrating Past and Future
Spaces, architecture: clear impact in human development and behavior

In February of 2012, Nuna Ayni acquired 1.13 hectares of land in the district of San Salvador, outside of Pisac in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru.  It is here that Tierra Nuna Ayni, our experiential learning & healing center will be constructed.  Located on a terraced mountainside next to the sacred Wilka Mayu River, our land faces Apu Pachatusan, one of the largest and most important mountains in the region.

This land is ideal for our project in every sense.  It is located close enough to Pisac and Cusco for visitors and residents to obtain needed amenities and attend to mundane affairs, while being removed enough to allow for oneself to experience harmony with the rhythms of life in the natural world.

Our land is large enough to accommodate the creation of several learning and practice structures, spacious eco-housing developments, and large areas of food production in several locations on the property.  It is close to a river and a fresh water spring, populated with fruit trees, herbs and medicinal plants, and contains excellent, mineral-rich soil for farming.  Our land also boasts several ancient Incan structures, tombs and terraces that make it an auspicious location and a true national heritage site.  We have also had several visitations by deer during the past year, which is a clear sign that there is no contamination in the soil.  The deer is the very first animal to leave an area that has been polluted by chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and other toxins, and their presence clearly exemplifies the purity of our land.


The layout of our center will be in the form of the Chacana (or Andean Cross), the sacred symbol of our ancestors.  Planned according to the principles of permacultural design, our center will consist of several structures for workshops, healing therapies, ceremonies and other activities, a residential area capable of housing up to twenty people total and four bungalows, as well as specific areas designated for working with each of the elements (fire, air, water, earth).

Upon completion of construction, Tierra Nuna Ayni will offer the following programs and projects:

  •   Permaculture, agriculture and green-building workshops
  •   Construction of an Integral Health and Traditional Medicine Center
  •   Solid waste and recycling programs for local communities as well as the regional government
  •   Native plant reforestation
  •   Clean-up initiative for the Sacred Willka Mayu River.
  •   Volunteer certification in the various topics in which we will be hosting workshops and activities
  •   Sacred tourism
  •   Earthkeepers program for teenagers and college-level students
  •   Artistic and cultural events
  •   Yoga retreats
  •   Mantra workshops
  •   Ancestral healing retreats
  •   Available retreat space for retreats, workshops and/or activities related to any of the four areas of our mission

Nuna Ayni will begin to carry out these activities from the moment our center has at least one structure in place to house and feed our residents and guests.  When construction is complete, all of our programs will be up and running.

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