Tierra Nuna Ayni Retreats 2019

Our retreat programs have been designed with the purpose of healing and for a maximum of 10 people. All of them will be host in our land in the Tierra Nuna Ayni center in the Sacred Valley of Cusco, Perú (15 min drive and 1 hour walk from Pisaq). For more information about how to sign up, costs and all the details of each day please contact the organizer of the retreat your are interested. Thank you!

First Medicine Plant Retreat

May 11th to May 25th

Organizer Sarah Bamford Seidelmann:


Medicine Plant Retreat

September 30th to October 9th

Organizer Sand and Jon Symes:

October 18th to October 27th

Organizer US and Europe contact Richard Schnepf Locals and peruvians

Main Therapists and Staff


Luz Maria (Perú)

Luz Maria is one of the Founding Directors of Nuna Ayni.  She has been learning and working in the field of Peruvian ancestral medicines since 2001.  She has participated in global events promoting peace and ecological sustainability, being named Peace Emabassador by the Dhamakaya Foundation-Thailand in 2009. Since 1998 she is working with dance and movement. Since 2003, Luz Maria has traveled internationally conducting various workshops and therapies, including Andean ceremonies and rituals, medicinal plants and herbs, women’s workshops, reiki, reflexotherapy, and massage. She dedicates her life to keep sharing the Nuna Ayni vision and the wisdom of our ancestors and how to live in harmony with oneself as well as one’s surroundings.


Mama Tere (Perú)

Teresa, known as Mama Tere, is a medicine woman who works with different ceremonies and rituals from the Americas and the world. She specializes in the soul of every living being and works with mother earth, animals and people from all ages. In her place, where she lives, she receives people from all around the world where she shares her medicine of love through ancestral traditions of healing, sacred fire, baths, massages, therapeutic talks and consultation, tarot readings, nutritional food, energetic cleansing, among other amazing spiritual work.


Susana Tello (Perú)

She has 40 years of experience in the Peruvian labor system in the administration area. She worked at the Universidad de Lima for 15 years as an administrative assistant in the faculties of Industrial Engineering and Systems Engineering, Vice Rector’s Office and the Investigation Department. The last 9 years she was the manager assistant of the Director for the company Haskoning International DHB Sucursal Peru. Today she works for the organization Nuna Ayni as a project coordinator and executive manager for fundraising.


Tierra Nuna Ayni Retreats 2019

Our retreat programs have been designed with the purpose of healing and for a maximum of 10 people. All of […]…Read more


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