If you want to make a direct donation to our organization

Please send your contribution directly to our account in Peru via Wire Transfer. Thank you

Info for Wire Transfer:



Beneficiary Bank Account Number: 003-426-013050284511- 43

Beneficiary Address:

Calle Jose Urdanivia 154,

Departamento 402

San Borja, Lima

Lima, Peru


Beneficiary Bank Telephone: +511 99 225 8746

Beneficiary Bank Swift Code: BINPPEPL

Beneficiary Bank Name: INTERBANK

Bank Address:

Oficina Principal Interbank

Carlos Villarán 140

Lima, Perú

Bank Telephone: +511 – 311 9000


For your one time or monthly donation and for Tax Deduction in the U.S

As a way to recognice your contribution we are pleased to announce you that Nuna Ayni is now able to offer and give you tax deduction in the U.S for your donations.

In a way to create a more solid relation with our donors and create a better and sustainable bridge between the North and the South, we are now partnering with SUCEDE organization,, who enables individuals, corporations, foundations and other donors to invest in innovative and result-oriented social projects that can bring long-term solutions for disadvantaged communities in South America, as well as, accountability for donor’s social investment. SUCEDE make possible philanthropic giving overseas in an effective and accountable way. As a tax exempt (501(c)(3)), US based, not-for-profit organization, they build bridges between donors in the U.S. and a network of creditable social entrepreneurs in South America. In this case to Nuna Ayni. 

If you are interested in contribute to our dream and receive tax deduction, please check which of the following options will be better for you. You are able to make a one time or monthly gift to support the Tierra Nuna Ayni Projects. Gifts of all sizes help us reach our goal. Also, if you know someone that could be interested in supporting us and receive tax deduction please feel free to share this information.

How to make a contribution to NUNA AYNI through SUCEDE

To make your donation online:

Please go to fill up the form and follow the steps. IMPORTANT: please make sure you write in the box of “Designation (Optional)” the name of our organization NUNA AYNI
The Networkforgood collects SUCEDE online contributions. If you want to learn more about them


To donate by check:

Please, send the check to:
360 Glenridge Road
Key Biscayne, FL. 33149
Please, specify the nonprofit organization in Latin America you wish to
support with this contribution.
*In this case will be “Asociación Nuna Ayni,  Peru”

To donate via Wire Transfer:
SUCEDE INC Bank information:
502 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131
Account name: SUCEDE INC
Account number: 3290256001
ABA Routing number: 266-086-554
Swift Code: CitiUS33
*Please, in aditional comments, specify the name of our nonprofit organization “Asociación Nuna Ayni”


After receiving your contribution, SUCEDE will send you a Written Acknowledgment of Receipt of your donation, its transfer to the beneficiary organization, as well as the appropriate receipt for tax-deduction purposes. Contributions to SUCEDE are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by US laws.


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