Reconnecting Our Selves with Spirit

The mission of Nuna Ayni is to stablish opportunities to create more conscious human beings.

Tierra Nuna Ayni, our experiential learning & healing center, will serve as a replicable model of a self-sustainable community integrating the following four areas:

Integral Health 

* Diverse healing            techniques
* Native & ancestral        medicine practices
* Yoga
* Meditation
* Nutrition


* Permaculture
* Local organic                farming
* Seed saving
* Green building
* Clean renewable          energy
* Reforestation

Arts & Culture

* Revitalization of            indigenous wisdom,      language and culture * Creativity                   * Music, dance and          artistic expression


* A decentralized,            local, eco-friendly          economy

Tierra Nuna Ayni, will be a CENTER OF RESONANCE that will offer an experience of re-connection to cultivate new human consciousness by promoting healthier relations beginning with ourselves. Each individual becomes a center of resonance.

Through this approach we offer individuals a transformative experience, beginning at the personal level and evolving into a collective awareness.

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